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Racing system

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 3:08 pm
by turbo_saab
За да можете да създадете състезание, да го запазите и да го пускате използвайте следните команди:

/race start amount [delay] - Start a race for money using waypoint or recorded checkpoints
  • Optional argument for delay before race starts (default 30s)
Пример: /race start 1000 30
Състезание със залог 1000 и отложен старт 30 сек.

/race cancel - Cancel a created race before it starts and refund money
/race leave - Withdraw from the active race (no refunds)
/race record - Record checkpoints using map
  • Set waypoints on the map to create checkpoints (snaps to nearest vehicle path node)
  • Double click existing checkpoints to remove
/race clear - Clear recorded checkpoints
/race save name - Save recorded checkpoints with name
/race load name - Load recorded checkpoints with name
/race delete name - Delete recorded checkpoints with name
/race list - List saved checkpoints by name